Majorana Laterza

secondary school in Putignano is a comprehensive grammar school with four specializations: Grammar school specializing in humanities, Grammar school specializing in modern languages, Grammar school specializing in science, Grammar school specializing in applied science. The school has recently moved to new premises with 45 classrooms, 10 laboratories and numerous other very modern facilities. The staff comprises the headmaster, two deputy teachers, the school secretary,67 teachers (among which 7 are part of the middle management),  6 office clerks, 3 technicians and 11 school employees (janitors).
Presently the school is attended by 820 students. 51% are specializing in science, 7%in applied science, 16% are specializing in humanities and 45% in modern languages.55% are from the various parts of the town while a further 45% have to face a short journey every day to get to school. At the moment we record an increase of 50% of new enrollments for next year so there will be about 900 students next September. All the students study English in their curriculum, 220 study also French of which 50 study Spanish as third language and 170 study German. The school also offers: Modern Language certifications/Computer Science certifications/Psychological support (especially in order to lower down the percentage of drop outs)// Career guidance (orientated either to job or higher education).  
Modern language stays abroad (either EU funded, PON, or paid by the families)In the past 5 years the school has shown an increasing interest in transnational activities including 5 Comenius Multilateral partnerships with 120 mobilities and 22 partner-schools , 28 students in Individual Mobility for 3 months each,  26 incoming students  on Individual Mobility for 3 months each, many students have experienced longer training abroad under the Programme Intercultura too which normally sends  students from all over the world to the Majorana-Laterza.
As far as teachers are concerned, the school has recently experienced one Comenius teacher's training grant for a Science teacher to improve her English, one incoming job-shadowing of an ICT teacher from Spain, two teachers are attending CLIL formal training. Moreover, the school has organized class exchanges with a school in Belgium, two schools in Germany (both of which have applied for two KA2 together with Majorana-Laterza in 2014, we are trying again this year), one in France and one in Spain (the latest is currently involved in a Strategic partnership application as well as last year).Relationships between us and theses schools are constantly improving even if with no EU funding.
Majorana-Laterza has normal and constant contacts with: Putignano Town Council and provincial authorities/Experts on term contracts for student, teacher and general staff training/Experts on term contracts for management and computer maintenance/Local associations (at the moment we are hosting either a Grundvig and an Erasmus+ meeting with local Youth associations)/Putignano branch of the national health service/Insurance companies/families, junior schools, university, local media. Majorana-Laterza has been chosen by USR Puglia as ERASMUS+ training school for the surrounding area. The training given has raised great interest and participation among the teachers of all levels of education.
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