Lycée général et technologique Jean-Baptiste De Baudre

is located in Agen in the South-West of France, halfway between Bordeaux and Toulouse. The region is rural but some food-processing industries are located here. Most students were born in the region. Some of them are second generation immigrants from North Africa.
Over the last ten years, the school has headed towards international objectives with the opening of a 'European class', with the training of students who are not French speakers, with an increasing number of cultural exchange programmes. The school has also been deeply involved in European projects such as Leonardo, Erasmus and finally Comenius. A partnership with different European countries (Spain, England, Portugal and the Netherlands) has proved to be very enriching and has encouraged teachers and the school staff to go further in this approach to encourage students to be more open-minded, to discover new cultures, to see European mobility as an asset for their future, both educational and professional. In a difficult economic and social situation, we think it is very important that our students do not feel restricted in their vision of the future and keep a positive picture of Europe.
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