IS Benedetti Tommaseo

is a state secondary school (Liceo) located in the historical centre of Venice, attended by around 1,150 students from all the Venice lagoon islands and, to a lesser extent, from the mainland. The school is the only one in the city offering the following four main courses: traditional scientific lyceum, applied sciences, modern languages and social-pedagogic sciences. The mission of our school is to prepare students to successfully continue their education at university. Venice is small and fragile reality that is the destination of millions of international visitors every year. As the city is constantly faced with tourist and economic challenges, the environmental and historical heritage preservation and safeguard are main issues of concern which are often dealt with in our teaching. The subjects taught in our school are Italian, four modern languages and literatures, Latin, Mathematics, Physics, Computer science, Philosophy, History, Psychology, Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Earth sciences and Astronomy), Technical drawing, Art History, Religion, Pedagogy. We offer our students a wide range of extracurricular activities meant to develop skills and knowledge to integrate curricular syllabuses. They include drama workshops, photography and film-making courses, choir, chess courses, language courses preparing for internationally acknowledged language certification exams (English, Spanish, French and German), Astronomy workshops in partnership with the Astronomy department of the University of Padua. To increase awareness about our local artistic and architectural heritage, in collaboration with FAI (Italian Heritage Fund) every year groups of students are trained to guide visitors during FAI Spring Days to enjoy architectural sites normally closed to the public. Lectures and laboratories aimed to educate our students to tolerance e appreciation of difference (religious, sexual orientation, cultural) are integrated into curricular activities as are activities to guide the students towards choosing their university course. The transnational vocation of the school has its programme of excellence in ESABAC; the result of a bilateral agreement between the Italian and French Ministries of Education, ESABAC offers a three-year course, at the end of which the students who have passed their diploma exams are entitled to access both Italian and French universities. Moreover, class exchanges take place on a regular basis with Spanish, French and British high schools. Our students regularly take part in national contests such as Mathematics, Philosophy, Chemistry, Physics Olympiads as well as chess and sports tournaments.
Initiatives to prevent school failure include special tuition based on the Feuerstein Method, which aims at reinforcing the students' learning skills, and peer education courses in which 12th grade students tutor 9th grade ones in subjects such as Mathematics and Science. Our school is well integrated into the local community and, among the various initiatives is the collaboration with nonprofit associations with projects of ICT and English tutoring to the elderly as well as participation in the Venice Biennale Kids' Carnival to assist educational projects. Liceo Benedetti Tommaseo participates in the National Evaluation System and an evaluation group is active in the school.
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