IES San Sebastián

is a five-minute walk from the town centre of Huelva. The school consists of two buildings connected to each other.  The main building  houses  Secondary Education and Vocational Studies classrooms, specific computer rooms,  a Music room, a Languages lab,  a multi-purpose space (gym, lecture theatre, a stage) and the library with regard to facilities, the school Administration and  Management Team offices (Headmaster, Head of Studies, etc.), the Teacher's room and seminars.  On the other hand, larger rooms for Bachillerato and some more computer rooms are in the second building.  There is a big playground with two versatile sport courts. At present, there are about 75 teachers in the staff and the number of students enrolled in 2014 was 952, distributed as 40% of students at Secondary Education and 60% at Vocational Studies and further education for adults. There are morning and evening shifts. The students' ages range between 12 and 20 in Compulsory or Post Compulsory education, older in the case of adult groups.
Formal learning offered at IES San Sebastián: Compulsory Secondary Education, Bachillerato, Vocational Training at Intermediate Level (Administrative Management, Commerce, Microcomputer Systems and Networks) and Higher Level Training Cycles (Commercial Management and Marketing, Management Information Systems Network, Web Applications Development, Administration and Finance). Blended and e-learning modality through Moodle has also been taught for over five years both at Secondary and Bachillerato for adults.      Our students belong to a varied socio-economic context. Most students belong to a working-middle class, with some financial, social and personal problems (parent’s separation, divorce). There are even cases of students at risk of social exclusion which require special attention from the Social Services and the Counseling Department. 
Students at Vocational studies come from very diverse socio-cultural levels and are highly motivated; they have high expectations regarding their academic results and access to work life in the future. Furthermore, the school has been participating in the K1 modality in Erasmus+, performing their training at the workplace period in other European countries: UK, Italy, Malta and Portugal.
To conclude, it is important to highlight that our school is fully updated in new technologies; most of the classrooms are equipped with OHPs or digital boards.  Most teachers are highly skilled professionals.
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